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This incredible Manifestation Bracelet was created out of Gemstones, Crystals and Lavastones.

The 7 colors are representative of the 7 layers of your body’s aura.

If you have a blockage in any area of your life, simply look at the list of colors and their meanings below and choose the color you want to unblock. Then look at that color on your bracelet, absorb the color in your mind and close your eyes and meditate, visualising that color flowing freely throughout your body and spirit.

The colors and what they represent:

Red (The Root)

Symbolises stability and security and it needs to be nurtured.

When it is imbalanced we feel unsafe and insecure (conversely when we feel balanced, we feel safe and secure).

  Brown (The Earth)

Symbolises comfort, dependability, fertility, stability, and relaxation.

When it is imbalanced we feel anxious or stressed.

Yellow (The Solar)

Symbolises the center of our being, the sunshine. The energy of yellow is vibrant, optimistic, and full of energy. It is wise and knowledgeable and at the same time, it is the color of new beginnings, and of re-birth.

When this is imbalanced, we feel powerless, we may experience digestive problems, gallstones, and other physical symptoms. When it is imbalanced we may feel as though the future bleak, and we may feel highly resistant to change.

  Fire/Orange (The Naval)

Symbolises vitality and strength. Buddhists call this the “hara” and believe that it is the source of our deepest gut feelings, inner voice and wisdom. It is also considered our source of sensual energy.

When this is imbalanced we may feel stiffness, low back pain, lack of appetite, low sex drive, knee and foot problems, or difficulties with reproductive organs.

  Indigo (The Brow)

Symbolises knowledge, intuition, spirituality and psychic power.

When this is imbalanced we may experience headaches, eye-strain, blurred vision, and we may become undisciplined and/or oversensitive.


Blue (The Throat)

Symbolises creativity and self expression. It’s commonly associated with the search for truth. This is associated with the thyroid gland, upper respiratory system and throat.

When this is imbalanced we may find it difficult to express ourselves, get in an unhealthy habit of lying, experience poor learning ability, or experience high levels of fear or self-doubt.

  Purple (The Crown)

Symbolises a lack of prejudice. Commonly associated with spiritual fulfilment, intuition and balance with the mystical side of life.

When this is imbalanced we experience self denial, troubles in our relationships, have an excessive need for sympathy, or life becomes stagnant or meaningless.


Lavastones are among the oldest and most frequently found stones in the world, and have been used by a nearly endless number of cultures. The beautiful porous and black color is known as basalt, and is usually found in the ocean.

Ancient cultures believe the lava stone carries energetic qualities and hence has been used for their healing properties by many cultures.

They believe that when worn with close contact to the skin, it gives easy access for energy to flow clearly throughout your body and spirit, helping with emotional clearing and keeping yourself energetically balanced.